Immigration lawyers Ross Dowling Immigration (a division of highly respected full-service law practice, Ross Dowling Marquet Griffin) are happy to assist you with your immigration needs.  Read more here for information relating to immigrating to New Zealand.


Why choose us from the start?


Many clients come to us after they have submitted their own visa applications and Immigration New Zealand has raised concerns.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of seeking immigration advice from the start, and certainly prior to submitting any visa application or response to INZ. This is because:

  • Immigration New Zealand retain all information you provide and revisit that information when you apply for subsequent NZ visas. This can cause  difficulties with future visa applications so having a clear immigration pathway and understanding of the immigration process and thorough assessment of your visa application before submission is invaluable; and 
  • Immigration New Zealand application fees are generally not refundable if your visa application is unsuccessful!

We will assist you to present a decision-ready, robust visa application intended to give you the best chance of success, regardless of where you are emigrating from.

As immigration specialists, our experience and knowledge of immigration law, immigration policy and INZ operations equips us to identify issues with applications which are not evident to clients, but have the potential to negatively affect their visa applications.  As lawyers we are trained to advocate strongly on your behalf.

We offer a full range of immigration specialist services including:

  • Advising clients of their visa options and pathways to meet their immigration objectives;
  • Advocating for clients who encounter issues during the processing of their visa application including preparing character waiver and medical waiver submissions;
  • Preparing or otherwise assisting clients with their visa applications including writing cover letters addressing identified issues. We can submit applications on your behalf or assist you as necessary to submit your own application;
  • Advising clients regarding visa requirements including what supporting documents to submit;
  • Advocating for clients in New Zealand unlawfully, facing deportation, seeking refugee or protected person status, appealing to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, or facing other immigration issues;
  • Assisting employers to employ migrant workers. We can help employers to gain accreditation and meet their ongoing obligations under the Accredited Employer Work Visa regime, and assist and advise at the job check phase, including ensuring advertising and employment offers meet Immigration New Zealand requirements; 
  • Otherwise liaising with Immigration New Zealand or the Minister of Immigration on our clients’ behalf; and
  • NZ citizenship applications and citizenship advice.

So how do you get in touch with us and how much will it cost?

It could not be easier.

Book an initial consultation with us up to one hour long for NZD $230 (including GST).  This can be in person, by phone, email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. To make life easier you can use our Assessment form to provide the basis of your enquiry.